Have You Ever Started a Diet Just to Promptly Forget About it When Your Kid’s Cheese Sticks & Chicken Fingers Come to the Table?




You begin with a high level of optimism that generally fades. Usually by turning “cheat meals” into “cheat WEEKS”! Within a couple of weeks, you’ve given up hope and now you’re calling that “Totally AWESOME diet” your crossfit buddy told you about, “total bullshit”.


Why is it so hard to stay on track?  Why is it SO easy to stray from your goals that you were so eager to achieve?


Here are a few simple ways to improve your chances of sticking to your goals and setting yourself up for SUCCESS rather than FAILURE.


  1. Don’t go “ALL IN” to begin with.

EASE in to your diet. Start small. Challenge yourself to take ONE thing out of your diet for 30-45 days. EX: Do not drink sodas for that time. Or, no sugar in your coffee.


  1. Make it a GAME!!

Get a friend involved and use something as a prize (or punishment) for achieving the goal! Studies have shown that gamifying activities has GREATLY increased participation and retention. Stick with the game theme.

EX: Every time you fail, you have to place money into a jar and the other person gets it at the end of the challenge!


  1. Stick With the Game Theme!

Every time you’ve completed a challenge, move on to the next level. This time, cut out another item ON TOP of the previous one until you have all the unwanted foods out of your lifestyle!

EX: Now that You’ve gone 35 days without a soda, take chips, candy and other processed foods out.


  1. Move on to More Complex Diets

After taking these processed foods from your diet, move on to something more structured.  Now that you have the developed the self- discipline from taking those first small steps; it will be easier to make larger cuts of unneeded, unhealthy foods from your lifestyle!

EX: The Paleo Diet is an easy to follow diet with a TON of quick, easy recipes that focuses on whole foods and NO PROCESSED GRAINS!