What Kind of Shape Do You Think You’ll Be in at the Age of 55Do You Think You’re too Old to Begin Training Martial Arts?

Read on and see how it helped one man FINALLY relax!

Meet Steve. a High Voltage Construction Consultant that has a love for his family, all types of hunting, fishing, tending to his horses and spending as much time with his family as humanly possible. So, Where does he fit the time to start training martial arts?

Steve ALWAYS has a smile on his face and brings the most positive attitude with him where ever he is! 

He walked into my Academy about a year ago and was really cautious and curious as to what I was teaching and how it was actually going to help him.

Steve would come in early, staying for almost 2 hours to watch me teach classes and ask a few questions. He was genuinely curious (and probably a little skeptical) on what Jiu Jitsu and training martial arts could do for him at his age.

After a week of research on our academy and other Odessa gyms, he was convinced that our facility was THE place to train and commited to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

I am continually suprised by what Steve does when he’s on the mat and value the friendship we have created outside of matial arts.

Still don’t think getting into shape after 50 is possible?


Check his story out!

-Professor Clay Hantz

You might say that I was intrigued by hearing about training martial arts called Jiu Jitsu from my oldest son, Joel.

He lived in Chicago at the time and started training there. He would tell me about what he was learning and how much better he felt and ask me when was I going to get started.

I had a million reasons why I wouldn’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t start, but I needed to get back in shape and remove stress from my life.

My son told me to stop making reasons to not start Jiu Jitsu and find a reason to start.

Jiu Jitsu has also shown me that age is just a number and there is a place in this sport for everyone. So here I am and now l’m hooked!

Some of the personal benefits that I’ve seen while training Jiu Jitsu are, to me, priceless.

  • Decreased Stress!
  • Lost weight!
  • Best shape I’ve been in since my 30’s!


As a Result of Training, How Else has Training Martial Arts at Your Age Benefitted You?

There are a few other things that I REALLY enjoy about training Jiu Jitsu, a fantastic martial art.

As a human being, I am a pretty high strung person. I tend to get somewhat stressed out and training Jiu Jitsu brings me back to as normal as I get.

I am in better shape than I have been in in 20 years, which makes me able to do more activities for myself and with my family, with EASE.

The weight loss and energy I have just makes me feel all round feel better.

To start off, the people! I get to workout and train with some of the most awesome people/martial artists I have ever met, learning real life self-defense and testing the limits of my body & brain while doing so.

The workout. It is NEVER the same and is NEVER boring.

Vagabond BJJ and Professor Clay Hantz has been one of the best experiences of my life. The people, the training and the coaching is the best in and around Odessa. I don’t have any regrets and enjoy EVERY day I am training martial arts.

So start your martial art journey with Coach Clay, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Steve stands on Bourbon Street in New Orleans wearing blue hat and black t-shirt with a golden Clay Hantz Brazilian Jiu jitsu emblem. Taking martial arts with him!

You can take away a few things from Steve’s story of Training Martial Arts & Brazilian Jiu jitsu. 



  • Every workout he has he is training something NEW! 
  • He has not let his age be a factor in getting back in shape by training martial arts.
  • Steve LOVES how training martial arts & jiu jitsu has made him feel!
  • Training Martial Arts has made a HUGE impact on his life and looks forward to training so that he can decompress and DESTRESS.