Crime in Odessa is Rising!

Because of this, it would seem that knowing some sort of self defense is ALL but a necessity.


Due to the nature of the driving force of our economy in the Permian Basin, Oil & Gas, the area will first see HUGE booms in business. In addition to the increase in business, the population experiences the same increase.

Rather than subside with positive growth, crime increases significantly inside the communities of Odessa and the surrounding areas. 

Check out some of these stats*. Then ask yourself if maybe training some sort of self defense or training martial arts is probably a really smart idea.  

*Most noteworthy of these stats is the “Violent Crime” .


A woman holds her hands up in self defense. Her eyes seem to say, "Please, stop."

Odessa, Texas is Ranked Number ONE in Texas’ MOST DANGEROUS TOWNS!

Personal Self Defense is more important NOW more than EVER!

  • Over 1,200 People Were Victims of Violent Crime in 2016. 3x the National Average!
  • Assault counted for over 1,000 of those crimes.
  • 1 in every 95 people were assaulted in Odessa last year! That’s ALOT of ASSAULTS!
  • Home Burglery is TWICE the National Average!

*source › TX › Odessa

Are You Prepared to Protect Yourself? 

Will you know what to do?

  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a practical self defense system that has been proven OVER AND OVER again in fights ALL over the world! It’s well known to be the most effective way to end a fight in the professional fighting world of the UFC, Bellator and other Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) organizations. As a result of the effectiveness, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has become a staple in self defense programs. 

With a little time and proper guidance from a REAL Black Belt; you’ll feel confident in defending yourself and your loved ones. When you go out alone you’ll  NEVER be alone again. You will ALWAYS have the power of Jiu Jitsu and self defense with you!!


What Can You Expect to Gain From Training BJJ at Vagabond?


  • Gain strength and improve your cardio!


  • Feel SAFE when you’re out by youself because you are learning REAL self defense.


  • FEEL confident in your body’s ability!


  • Learn healthy eating habits.


  • You’ll have a FUN workout EVERY TIME!

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