Why Should You Choose Vagabond Over Any Other Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy? Read some of these AMAZING reviews!


  • LOSE WEIGHT! – Brazilian Jiu jitsu is a great workout and as a result, will have the weight falling off of you!

  • Get into the BEST shape of your LIFE!- You will be amazed at the results you get with Jiu Jitsu!

  • LEARN AWESOME SELF-DEFENSE SKILLS!- You will feel more confident about yourself when you are out alone or find yourself in a fight!

  • HAVE FUN!– You’ll love the workouts and have a GREAT time in our community!

  • Become BULLY-PROOF!- With Brazilian Jiu jitsu, you will learn to carry yourself with confidence, be more aware and, stand up for YOU!

  • Meet new people!– You’ll be part of an awesome community that supports you even when you think you can’t!

  • Improve Attitudes!- Getting a good workout in will help get rid of the daily stress work and school put on you!

  • Build STRENGTH!– You will do things you never thought you could and start to feel stronger and have better balance within weeks!

  • Live a Healthy lifestyle!- BJJ goes best with a healthy diet! It will become part of your lifestyle!

  • Improve GRADES!- The focus gained from training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a martial art, is UNMATCHED! Watch your kid’s grades change right before your eyes!! 

  • Gain Self-Confidence!- Learning new moves and getting into shape will give you a NEW level of confidence and have you feeling like a $$MILLION BUCKS$$

What Vagabond Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Offers:


  • BEGINNER’S CLASSES– We are the only academy in Odessa to offer a beginner’s class! A new student needs to have a solid foundation of techniques and safety before moving to a class with higher level clients. This also means that you will have EXPERTS in every class you attend to help you climb the ladder of success!
  • NO BELT TESTING FEES! You earned that belt! No money grab schemes here; you are already investing a monthly tuition! There is NO WAY you would buy a promotion here.

  • NO EGOS  Our Academy is a bully free zone and all ego is checked at the door and as a result, we have built a STRONG family oriented facility. Although training is sometimes intense, respect on the mat is ALWAYS present. A healthy environment and attitude are neccesities for optimized growth.

  • BLACK BELT LEVEL INSTRUCTION We have the only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt instructor and only IBJJF World Champion instructors in Odessa. EVERY other gym is taught by someone that is not an EXPERT! 

  • FUN, FRIENDLY COMMUNITY!– Like minded people all working towards similar goals in every class! You’ll never workout alone again!!

  • CLEAR, EASY  TO UNDERSTAND INSTRUCTION!– Our jiu jitsu instructor understands that not everyone learns the same way and, uses the 7 styles of learning to help students understand better!

  • FULL-TIME INSTRUCTORS– Coach Hantz’s sole focus is his students at Vagabond. You are guaranteed 100% of attention to your development and skills. As a result, your goals become our goals. 

  • MORNING CLASSES– Vagabond Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the only academy in Midland/Odessa to offer morning classes 4x a week. These are for our night shift workers and early birds and beginners!

  • WORLD CLASS COMPETITION TEAM– Vagabond Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is home to TWO IBJJF World Champions and Pro Jiu Jitsu veteran. Our team regularly competes and wins on the local, regional and, world circuits.

What the Other Guys are Offering:



NO BEGINNER’S CURRICULUM– Safety comes FIRST when people are training techniques that are designed to hurt a person! Beginner grapplers NEED these fundamental techniques to ensure safety and healthy development. BEWARE!  

NO MORNING CLASSES– Other Odessa/Midland gyms don’t have multiple morning classes to fit various schedules!

UNQUALIFIED COACHES– There are ZERO BJJ BLACK BELTS at ANY other Academy in Odessa. Some instructors have NEVER competed!!!

PART-TIME INSTRUCTORS– Many instructors hold other jobs or MMA careers and are not able to give 100% dedication to their students.

HIGH DOLLAR BELT TESTING FEES– If you have the money you can be a Black Belt. This is a TERRIBLE form of promotion and it happens MONTHLY!

EGO– Upper belts think they are better than lower belts and will go out of their way to avoid them. Everyone should be working towards a similar goal; ELEVATING other students not holding them down.