Martial Arts Training in Odessa, Texas

What Martial Art is Best for YOU and HOW do you choose? 

Martial arts art REEEALLY popular, it only makes sense that there are ALOT of Martial Arts academies here in Odessa, Texas. All of them seem to be the “best” in their particular style. With that being said, how do you know if the martial art you chose, is actually going to work?!

First of all, does this ACTUALLY  work? WHAT GOOD IS A MARTIAL ART IF IT DOESN’T WORK?!?!?

Is it all art and no martial?

THANKFULLY the internet has been around for quite some time and therefore, has debunked these fakes that have been selling snake oils to unsuspecting folks. What we love MOST of all?

THEY RECORD IT! Probably some of my favorite videos!

What Else Can You Get From Training Martial Arts?

Are There Other Benefits?

After a good google search, you should be able to come to a solid conclusion on which martial art is going to benefit you or your family both mentally and physically. After all, training a martial art is also about developing a strong mind to go along with the strong body and skills you develop.

Listen to Veteren Navy Seal Jocko Willink talk about how he feels about the effectiveness and benefits of his prefered martial art, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! 

The man has lived combat. He retired commander of the most highly decorated special-operation unit in the Iraq War. He holds a HUGE social media following on holding oneself accountable.

Seems like a reasonable person to follow and listen to.  Take a listen. 🙂

Training martial arts can bring you peace of mind and be FANTASTIC STRESS RELIEVER!

“I have been training martial arts for over 1/3 of my life. I have never found a more attractive and effective martial art than Brazilian Jiu jitsu. It has taken my stress and SMASHED it and given me a direction to a healthy lifestyle.” 

-Clay Hantz Odessa’s BJJ Black Belt 

Click the picture below to see how martial arts has turned Steve’s life AROUND!

Check out these 5 questions you should ask before joining a martial art academy!

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