Have You Ever Wanted to Start Training Martial Arts?

Getting into Martial Arts Lessons can be stressful and sometimes intimidating!


Here’s how it usually goes when you want to start taking martial arts lessons.


So, you have decided to start training martial arts lessons & BJJ. You have probably seen how effective BJJ can be in a self defense situation. It’s all over TV in addition to every social media outlet. The next MMA event (Mixed Martial Arts) like the UFC, is hard to miss!  

You’re Ready!

NOW, if you could just find a place. 

There are so many different places that somone can take martial arts lessons and learn BJJ. HOW do you know they’re legit? Most of all, will they be a good fit for you and your family?

Maybe the search can begin, now!!

You probably start by searching through Facebook pages to make sure the places fit what you’re looking for, aren’t a bunch of creeps and, actually have students that like them. 

After you’ve found one you like you visit their website to gather as much information as you can and make the call.

During the phone call you ask all the right questions about jiu jitsu

  1. Is there a black belt at the academy?
  2. Do you have a beginner’s cirricullum?
  3. When can I start training?

You usually get a response with an offer for a FREE trial and even though you have no idea what you’re doing, you agree and show up at the scheduled time.


Some places don’t have a bjj black belt instructor or a beginner class but, because you are motivated, you’re willing to fight the social anxiety and stay on course

If you have been thrown in with a mix of advanced students in an all levels class, there will be a large chance that the information being given will be difficult process and you’ll end up feeling awkward. 

A beginner should be training with people that are on the same skill level as they are! You don’t ride a bike downhill on your first try; you take it slowly before taking that leap. 

Small group beginner class or, maybe even a 1 on 1 private lesson are great ways to be introduced to martial arts. 

How Will That help?

First and formost, it is a more personal, less awkward experience. Think about being a child and visiting a new school for the first time or, making the transition fro middle school to high school. For some, it was tough experience.

At Vagabond BJJ, we want to build you up with a solid foundation and understanding of safety and basic movements. 

Because we focus on the first steps, your journey through BJJ will be much less bumpy and alot more productive. 

Upon your first class, you will feel like you know how to actually DO something. You’ll have a feel for how class will flow and what to expect when it comes to teaching and learning!

Jiu Jitsu is a beautiful thing. Let Vagabond introduce you to our art with a private lesson from one of our Black Belts. Follow the instructions below to reserve your lesson.