Have You Ever Wanted to Try Martial Arts?

Getting into Martial Arts Lessons can be stressful and sometimes intimidating!


Here’s how it usually goes: 


You have decided to start training martial arts / BJJ. There are so many different places that a person can take martial arts lessons. Because you saw how effective they can be in a self defense situation on TV or Martial Arts sporting event, you’re ready!

You found a place you like and probably checked out their Facebook page to make sure they weren’t creeps and possibly their website (If they even have one) to gather as much information as you can. So, you make the call. They don’t have a bjj black belt instructor but, because you are motivated,you’re willing to fight the social anxiety and you stay on the line. 

During the phone call you ask all the right questions about jiu jitsu and usually get a response with an offer for a FREE week or even two. You agree and show up at the scheduled time.

SWEET! You’re here! Now what?

You have been thrown in with a mix of advanced students and more than likely, have NO idea what is going on. Wouldn’t it be helpful to maybe have some sort knowledge about how the class is going to work? 

You should be training with people your skill level! Or maybe even a 1 on 1 lesson?

How Will that help?


At Vagabond BJJ, we want to build you up with first, a solid foundation and understanding of safety. Because we focus on the first steps, your journey through BJJ will be much lesson bumpy. Upon your first class, you will feel like you know how the class will flow and what to expect from the class as a whole.

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