Vagabond Kids BJJ Program


Our Kids BJJ program cirriculum is designed for your child’s SUCCESS!!


Inside any of our kids bjj programs you’ll find self discipline, growth in self-confidence and a whole bunch of FUN! We have written our cirriculum with each kind of learning style in mind and are ready for type of learning personality your child has. Our kids bjj class is engages your child physically while challenging them mentally!

You can expect to see some of the following benefits when enrolling your child into our kids bjj program. 

  • Self- control
  • Better grades from better focus.
  • Positive problem solving skills
  • Boosted self confidence
  • A RAISE in Self Esteem
  • Changes in attitude 
  • Better listening skills


A small boy is being held against a brick wall by a larger boy in a black jacket while a boy in a yellow jaket watches. BJJ can help young children have the confidence to handle this type of situation.

The US government states that 1 in every 3 kids will be BULLIED this year!


I’m sure you remember a time in grade school, jr. high or high school where you were made fun of for something or may have even gotten beat up. Because of this, you remember the name of that person that hurt you! Don’t let your kids become a victim! Supply your children with the knowledge & skill  that they are capable, VALUABLE human beings.


  • PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTION- You will have instructors with over a decade of training and teaching experience, the difference is clear. You will also learn from Odessa’s ONLY BJJ Black Belt. 
  • ELEVATED SELF CONFIDENCE- You will develop a HEALTHY, STRONG self-confidence and teaches SELF-DISCIPLINE from day one!
  • STAY HEALTHY & FIT- Brazilian Jiu Jitsu promotes a healthy lifestyle and will get you into the best shape you’ve EVER been in!

Every day kids go to school with the anxiety of being bullied. NO CHILD should experience FEAR at school. They should be focused on their studies and chosen extra-curricular activities and enjoying the experience of being a child. Sometimes, the overwhelming pressure of social embarrassment and constant contact through social media is too much. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teaches kids that they are WORTH ITacceptable, and WANTED! As well as the ability and techniques to defend themselves and those that they love. Jiu Jitsu is EMPOWERING!

Martial Arts In Odessa

There are many martial arts schools in our area that boast, “WE ARE THE BEST! Our martial art is superior to all others!”. There are many gyms that offer BJJ BUT, they specialize in other martial arts, NOT Jiu Jitsu.

TRUE Brazilian Jiu Jitsu takes the time to focus on your development and understanding from a REAL Black Belt. Learn from EXPERIENCE!