What Will You Do If You’re Attacked?

Are You Ready To Handle Yourself in a Fight?

Did you know that the violent crime rate in Odessa, Texas is almost 3x the National Average! murder rates are almost DOUBLE and RAPE is 1.5x the National Average! Crime has SOARED in Odessa and surrounding areas!! What does this mean to you?


  • EVERY NIGHT: 3 people will be asaulted!
  • EVERY NIGHT: 2 people will have their homes ROBBED!
  • EVERY NIGHT: Someone will have their car stolen!
  • THIS MONTH: SIX people will be raped!

There is a 1 in 21 (per 1k people) chance of a person becoming a victim of a crime in Odessa.

If you’re going to be a victim, be very hard to victimize.

We’re not teaching your average, “Poke um’ in the eyes, kick um’ in the nuts and RUN! self defense. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a self-defense system that has been proven time and time again in street fights and professional fights.

It is a FACT that 90% of fights end up on the ground. Knowing what to do once you’re there can save your life!


Here at Vagabond BJJ, your safety is our #1 focus! Whether it’s a child being bullied at school, a woman that wants to feel more comfortable going out by herself or, a man that wants to learn to protect himself and his family; our staff of professionals is here for YOU!



source: https://www.neighborhoodscout.com/tx/odessa/crime