It is a FACT that 1 in every 95 people, in Odessa, will be assaulted this year! 






What is BJJ and How Can It Help you?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or, BJJ, is a martial art that was created in the early 1900’s. It was brought over from Japan by a man named Mitsuyo Maeda and spread to a small group of Brazilian men who then made it into the superior self defense martial art it is today. As a result of the success, BJJ has spread all around the globe.

The overall fighting strategy of BJJ is designed to allow a physically smaller or weaker person to defend against a larger and stronger attacker by grappling an opponent to the ground and controling the fight until your attacker submits (tap).  Because of this, BJJ has also developed the most effective methods of fighting once the fight goes to the ground. Consequently, it has also made the most effective attacks while on your back. This is often a position smaller people will often find themselves when attacked.

While some martial arts have systems that require you to meet force with force, BJJ allows a person to “flow” and use leverage to control and submit (tap) your attacker.

A black and white photo of Mitsuyo Maeda. The origins of BJJ.


“I don’t do anything crazy or wild. Why do I need to learn BJJ to defend myself?”


Everyone knows Odessa/Midland and surrounding cities is not the safest area in Texas. In fact, Odessa is the 6th LEAST SAFE town in Texas! With neighboring cities not too far behind.


This year in Odessa, EVERY DAY, there will be over 25 violent crimes commited. With this many assaults, burgleries, rapes and murders taking place, you MUST know how to defend yourself.

  • This year 72 rapes will be reported.
  • 1200 Assaults WILL happen.
  • EVERY NIGHT there will be at least 2 home robberies.
  •  There will be TWENTY murders that are reported.


The statistics speak from themselves. This is why you need to learn to defend yourself.


Why Should I Choose Vagabond BJJ?

Good Question.

With Over 90% of fights ending up on the ground, not knowing how to attack and defend when the fight goes to the ground can end up being a BAD situation! That’s a FACT! 

As a consequence of this fact, it seems almost NECESSARY to learn how to defend yourself and fight on the ground. 

Where Can You Train BJJ?

Here at Vagabond BJJ in Odessa, you will become an EXPERT grappler! You will experience how effective and SUPERIOR our program is within your FIRST class! Therefore allowing you to acheive the goals you originally had and set new ones you never thought possible!

Don’t be fooled by the many traditional martial arts schools claiming to be “experts” in  MMA grappling, hybrid-ground fighting (whatever that is) or, BJJ. These Karate & Tae Kwon Do schools understand that people want to learn BJJ. They SEE how well it works in real life situations! As a result of this, they watch some YouTube videos or buy a cheesy DVD and TRY to teach what they’ve watched.

At Vagabond BJJ, you’ll get TWELVE years of REAL BJJ experience!

Why Choose Vagabond BJJ??

  • #1- Taining Martial Arts, You’ll get into the BEST shape of your LIFE! – You’ve NEVER  been in this good of shape! You’ll also have a BLAST while you do it!
  • Professional Instructors- Vagabond staff houses the ONLY Black Belt in Odessa and most decorated Professional MMA fighter. Come learn from the BEST!
  •  You’ll Become the EXPERT- Want to learn those sweet submissions, takedowns and techniques you see on TV? We’ll teach you how to become a TRUE EXPERT in submissions and defense!
  • Have FUN while learning something new- You’ll meet people from all walks of life that will accept you into the community!